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Meet the Artist

Jessica Loren is an American artist, born and raised in New York. She now resides in Miami where she maintains her studio as well as other business endeavors.  

She began her career in theater in Manhattan. Soon after moving to Florida she worked in radio before finding her stride in hospitality. Working for over a decade as a concierge in high-end hotels honing her craft and getting to know the city she's come to love and now calls home. In 2016 she founded REDEFINED a lifestyle company specializing in concierge services, custom-curated experiences, and luxury real estate. All the while selling her artwork through various shows throughout South Florida, online and by word of mouth.    

Jessica is a self-taught artist. She works with acrylic on canvas using mixed media. Incorporating almost anything she can get her hands on or can create to add texture and depth to her work i.e. wire, metal, wood, and glass to name a few. Her unique style is heavily influenced by music, pop culture, positivity, a sense of humor about the world around her and the fact that she believes everything should shine bright. In order to achieve that her pieces are in large part finished with glitter or diamond dust and coated in resin. Her collections are the ultimate reflection of Peace, Love, and Music.